Terms & Conditions For Submitting Ideas

Campbell will consider an idea only if it is submitted in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. I understand that Campbell does not want to accept, hold in confidence or keep secret any information about an idea that I submit to it. I agree that no confidential relationship or obligation of secrecy is established between Campbell and me with respect to the idea I submit.
  2. Campbell shall have the right to use, retain, and license all information contained in this non-confidential idea submission, without limitation.
  3. I own all right, title and interest to the idea that I am submitting to Campbell, and no other person has an interest in the idea or any claim to it, or, in the alternative, I am authorized to submit this idea on behalf of the owner of the idea.
  4. I understand that by submitting my idea, I do not grant any rights to Campbell under any issued and valid patents that may exist now or that may be granted to me in the future. However, I understand and agree that Campbell’s acceptance of my submission, any consideration it may pay to me, or its use of the idea submitted, shall not impair Campbell’s rights to contest the validity or non-infringement of any patent claims or other intellectual property rights in my idea.
  5. If my idea is protected or potentially protectable by a valid and issued patent, or is original and novel to Campbell, and is adopted by Campbell, any license or transfer of my rights, and compensation for my idea, if any, will be set forth as part of a separate written agreement between Campbell and me.
  6. If Campbell decides that it would like additional information which I am only willing to disclose to Campbell on a confidential basis, Campbell will only accept the additional information if we have first signed a separate agreement clearly setting forth the scope of the material to be considered as confidential, the time period for any confidentiality obligations, and any other mutually agreeable terms and conditions.
  7. All prior negotiations and agreements are merged into and superseded by these Terms. These Terms cannot be modified or waived except in a writing that is signed by an authorized representative of Campbell.

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